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 Skat Kitty Mini Bikes   

This is one of CPR's newest projects. We have 3 Vintage 1960's Skat kitty Mini Bikes that we are restoring from top to bottom. These were a very low production mini bike and are extremely rare to find especially this complete and with the side car option. Stay tuned for more details and pictures from the restoration. 

        Two of the bikes were fully operational and were riden before the restoration began. We can hardly wait for them to be finished so we can ride them again!

The teardown has begun! 

Parts back from the Chrome shop - probably a little nicer than they were back in the 1960's

The assembly of the first bike has begun! We have found many inconsistencies between the the bikes that we are restoring. It appears that things changed frequently at the Skat Kitty Factory!

We have found the exact match to the original Vinyl and the metallic silver piping used on the original seats. Our in house upholstery guy Sonny has made the seats look and feel like day one with new foam !

 Due to the lack of available parts - we have this back rest / sissy bar made identical to the original one from the other complete bike. Then we sent it out for chrome and it looks fantastic! 

The third bike was missing the side chain gaurd cover as are alot of these old bikes. We carefully and accurately made an exact duplicate out of fiberglass. We first made sure the original steel one was straight and free of dents or dngs and then molded it so that we had a perfect replica with all the factory stamping marks and curls at the outer edge. We are selling these for anyone that is interested. The cost is 100.00 each plus shipping.  

This is the finished Side cover painted.

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