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 1969 Camaro Cross Ram Z/28   

This is the 69 crossram equipped 1969 Z28 that is at CPR for new Garnet red paint  and an overall detailing. We will be completely stripping the body and interior for paint. All interior and exterior bits and pieces will be repaired, re-detailed and replaced as needed. It is always our practice to refurbish original parts if at all possible, if not we exhaust every avenue for nos or usable original parts. Reproduction parts are always a last resort.

All body panel gaps are documented prior to any panels being removed from the car. This is always done prior to any panel removal. This will greatly aid in reassembly and help to determine corrections needed during the body and paint restoration process.

All components such as those in the engine compartment, interior, and chassis are extensively photo documented prior to dissasembly. Even if some changes are planned documenting the cars beginning configuration is a must.

Here is the car ready for the start of the body and paint process. As the original dash is in mint condition and has never been removed from the car it was determined best to leave it intact throughout. Note the extensive masking to protect any and all original components left on the car during the restoration process.

Back from the paint shop.

Here's the 69 wearing a new coat of Garnet red. The front sheetmetal, doors, and decklid will now be fitted prior to painting the stripes.

The firewall and top of cowl has been painted in the correct manner as original with no defined mask line between the red upper and black lower colors. Just a hint of red overspray is seen over the edge down onto the black of the firewall.

Here is the front subframe and suspension restored and ready for the installation of the engine.

The Engine compartment finished.
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