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 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC    

This is a new project that came to in the fall of 2017. The owner of this car has owned it since the 1980's when it was disassembled for a driver quality restoration. It was then put on the back burner and then he found us after we showed the Blue 330 GTC at Cavallino in 2017. We are doing a full nut and bolt restoration to the highest level. Stay tuned for updates and progress!  

The first job was to lay out all the parts and see what exactly we have being that we were not the ones to dissassemble it 25+ years ago. We basically payed out all the parts where they would go on the car to help us identify missing parts more easily. This step helped us to identify that there were "many" missing parts. 

The 330 was fitted to Ed's Elena rotissarie and then was media cleaned on all the underside and metal surfaces minus the exterior panels. Then the bare metal was examined for any previous damage and welds checked before it was epoxy primed. 

The engine is at the machine shop being completely rebuilt to original factory condition.

Guide coating and colorsanding after letting the paint cure for 45 days to give it sufficient cure time. Blocking out in 3 stages up to 3000 grit before buffing it to a mirror finish.  

Carburetors fully restored and properly plated. These turned out very nice!

Some of the brightwork out at the chrome shop ready to by plated.

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